Grooving And Sand Blasting

Grooving And Sand Blasting Machine

Bansal in collaboration with Yenar has set up the first fully automatic CNC state of the art grooving and sand blasting center at Delhi NCR. The machines are Installed and operating sucessfully.

Benefits of getting rolls grooved on fully automatic CNC programmed machine are as follow:-

Once user enters data, such as the number of grooves, dimension of the land and shape of tool, the software is able to calculate the groove depth and, in particular, the product size in the groove. This result helps the miller understand the compatibility of grooves with the production requirements, because an incompatible grinding of the product, for shape and dimensions, will not be suitable.
a) It prevents rolls from touching before obtaining the required products.
b) 100% accuracy.
c) It has a predefined cutting Depth.
d) We can achieve exact required parameters of Rolls spiral, land, margin, no. of teeth, helical angle and many more things which are required to make a better design of roll for better performance.

Disadvantages of Grooving Rolls manually:-
a) Decrease in Yield.
b) Higher energy consumption.
c) Loss in product moisture.
d) Inefficient grooves mistreat the product, resulting in lower quality flour.

Bansals Group, as the best nad leading Milling Rolls Provider in India, pride ourselves in being the leading technology partners for efficient and competent milling production systems and engineering solutions - ensuring our customers achieve success in marketplace.

Our Scope

Please see the following vidos to see the machine working in our factory:-