Grain Storage Silos - Bansal Engineer's (Grain Milling) Pvt. Ltd.

We provide silos with capacity ranging from 200MT to 20000MT.
Some of the special features of our silo include the Metal sheets which are made by very strong steel, wide corrugation widths, steel stiffeners coated with heavy duty galvanize and proper box-ribs. The diameters of our commercial bins starts from 4,57 mt and goes up to 32 mt. Our Silo wall sheets have tensile strength in the range of minimum 900.000kgf/cm2 (63.200Psi).
Our roofs have 30 degree inclination, and this design provides easier ventilation inside the grain in the silos. Roofs have been produced to show strength from 7 kg. to 14 kg. Our designs have strength for 154 kg/m2 standard snow load and 180 km/h standard wind speed.

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