Paddy Separator - Bansal Engineer's (Grain Milling) Pvt. Ltd.

Designed for optimum performance, durability and sanitation. This new machine allows for improving your rice milling yield by separating paddy from the pure brown rice. The main features of this machines are its efficient separating performances, and the comfortable access to the various parts of the machine for maintenance and cleaning out purposes. This PADDY SEPARATOR is capable of processing a mixed flow of paddy and brown rice for separating it into three distinct grades: paddy, a mix of brown rice and paddy, and brown rice. These grades are discharged through three different outlets, paddy is routed to the paddy husker, the mix is recycled to the paddy separator inlet, while brown rice is fed to the rice whitening machine. The efficient grading performances of this paddy separator, allows for producing pure white rice without mixtures of paddy also when utilising low pressure whitening machines, that increase the milling recovery rate with minor rice breakage.