PLC/Automation - Bansal Engineer's (Grain Milling) Pvt. Ltd.

A PLC control system can be designed to realize flour mill plant full automating operation under 24 hours a day, day after day, with occasional operator intervention. This will help the worker escape from the tedious work more adapted to computers, and it makes the worker to have more time to commissioning or process failures.

PLC control system also has the characteristic of real-time reflect on a computer screen, this allows the worker to find and solve the problem immediately.

PLC Control System Features

  • A high degree of automation, reducing labor costs
  • More precise control of the production process. Be clear at a glance through the control panel for each machine production situation.
  • Freedom programming, arrange each part of the work and maintenance time.
  • Stop/start of all flour mill machinery in sections and sequence.
  • Flour quality tracking for customer reference and complaint.